2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition To Be Delivered


Honda cleverly revealed its 2017 Civic Type R Black Edition which is supposed to be the last 100 examples of the outgoing Type R, and Honda expects that it will sell these vehicles very fast.

The production of this Black Series has been limited to the last 100 units in the Type R’s 2,500-unit UK production run, and what is even more interesting is that all of the 100 units are already built and awaiting their new owners. Those cars are on their way to the dealerships and with this, according to Honda, Civic Type R has officially concluded the production in its current form. It’s time for the new kid on the block. But before it arrives let’s talk about the Black Edition, and try to picture what is waiting, maybe, just for you!



As with every Black Edition series, some subtle changes are going to differentiate it from the regular Civic Type R. Those subtle changes are a black interior with red accents and red side-plates on the already unusual rear spoiler. The sad side is that the performance numbers haven’t been upgraded, so the Black Edition Type R still offers the same 306 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque as the standard one.



What will ease this is the fact that the special version does not cost any more than the regular range-topper, the Type R GT which has a price tag of $39,222 (£32,300). Thanks to this Honda expects that this special Black Edition is going to sell really fast, and let me tell you they aren’t far from the truth.

Release Date

As you probably know by now, the next-gen Civic will go on sale in March, and its Type R variant will be introduced sometime later this year as its production is slated for September 2017. There was also a statement from Honda UK boss Phil Webb who said “There are only going to be 2.500 of the current Civic Type Rs on UK roads, so the car is going to be pretty special as it is – but with the addition of this special limited run of 100 Black Editions to the product line-up, owners will have a real collector’s piece on their hands.” Did you hear this? Well, what are you waiting for? Grab those phones and hit the dealerships before they are all gone!