Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys – Divisional Round Picks And Predictions

Even though this Divisional Round is loaded with big-time duels, the biggest matchup of the weekend will be this game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. That fact alone speaks volumes about this game and how good it’s probably going to be. Hottest quarterback in the league right now Aaron Rodgers going up against the best regular season squad in the NFC.

The first matchup of the year between these two belonged to the Cowboys as they pulled off a big time upset at Lambeau Field. 30:16 was the final score of that game, but this can trick everybody when they are picking this duel. This is not the same Packers squad that Dallas faced in Week 6.

Aaron Rodgers has led his crew to seven straight wins as the threw 22 TDs and 0 INTs in his last eight games. Nelson likely won’t be available, but we have seen what Rodgers can do even when he is not on the field. He flung that football all over that stout Giants defense in the second half even without his number one option. Dallas defense is unproven and worse than the Giants D.

Dallas has the best offensive line in the game. That usually means that the running game is flowing pretty nicely. But, when you have a back like Elliot, the running game is usually great. He ran all over the Packers in Week 6. Doing that gives the Dallas the best chance to win this one also. Running the ball, keeping Aaron Rodgers off the field is going to be the best thing that Dallas can do. Ezekiel Elliot will be featured in this match a lot there is no doubt about that.

This is an NFC NFL Divisional Round, and the duel will take place on Sunday, January 15, 4:40 PM ET at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas.

Packers were successful against the New York Giants. Can they beat two NFC East teams in the row? Yes, we think they can. This Dallas defense hasn’t been exposed this season, but we believe the Packers will finally do that. Montgomery will run that ball with efficiency while Rodgers will deliver those big blows. Dallas could win this game, and we wouldn’t be surprised, but we are picking the Packers to end Cowboys’ season 27:23.