2017 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Introduced in Detroit


Honda decided to bring Ridgeline pickup truck back and it looks great and far better than the previous model.

Before we inform you about the innovations, let’s see what Honda kept from the last Ridgeline. First of all, we will have an all-composite bed without a bedliner as well as the tailgate which you can open traditionally, but now it can also be opened to the side, and that is very useful. In the bed floor, the lockable storage compartment is located.

On the new pickup, you will find innovations such as an optional bed-mounted audio system for tailgate parties. Those who are looking to be frugal, this is a car for you. It has a standard V6 and among 2016 and 2017 pickups that use gasoline, the Ridgeline ties for a top spot for fuel economy.


The combined rating for the new vehicle is 9.4 kilometers per liter. Just for comparison, V4 2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon have the same rating.

The first generation of the Ridgeline was produced from 2006 to 2014 and it didn’t have a two-wheel-drive. So, this mileage rating refers to new FWD option.

The starting price plus delivery charge of the entry-level 2017 Ridgeline RT with the FWD is $30,375 whereas the AWD costs $32,175.

The car comes with only one option when it comes to body style. It has four doors and five seats. Moreover, only one engine option is available too. More powerful 3.5-liter V6 now produces 280 hp which is 30 hp more than the previous model. Also, it is rated at 262 ft-lb of torque at 4,700 rpm.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline comes with a standard push button start, LED taillights and a color LCD display screen, which is located on the dashboard. Furthermore, if you opt for the new vehicle you will get a multi-angle, cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity and floor mats. The pickup is additionally equipped with a rearview camera, 60/40 split lift up rear seat cushion which creates additional storage space, audio with seven speakers that produce at least 200 watts of power and 18-inch wheels.

If you want further options, it can set you back at least $47,000. Lane departure warning and the forward collision warning are included into the optional safety package. Moreover, three-zone automatic climate control and moonroof are convenience features which you can get.


Although most traditional pickup truck companies produce their vehicle on body-on-frame principle, The Ridgeline has unibody construction which makes the ride smooth and enjoyable.

Honda Pilot SUV served as an inspiration to the new Ridgeline, so the front end and the engine belong to this car. The new model has been tested and the ride was pleasant. On rough roads, one could feel that the vehicle behaved as a whole, rather than separate pieces. Another advantage is that it wasn’t as loud as expected.

Also, the car has more space for legs than the earlier models. It can brag with 40.9 inches in front and 36.7 in the back. The steering is enjoyable indeed, and with the electric power-assisted rack-and-pinion it was even easier.

Although the overall power of the car has increased, the maximum towing capacity is still rated at 2,268 kg. This may not be much comparing to the rivals, but the 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup is still an admirable vehicle.