Mafia 3 – The PC version will have 30fps

Mafia 3 will be introduced tomorrow for PS4, PC, and Xbox and it will be locked to 30fps. However, this new game will supposedly have the same framerate for the PC which is definitely not good news for the players. The cap is in place as the 2K confirmed in a post on the official game website. However, it is not clear what issues led to the fault.

As it is written in the post, the update will be ready but it won’t come out at the same time as the game. The game developer Hangar 13 is “currently working on an update for PC that will give players the option to play Mafia III at higher framerates.”

The post also says:”We’ll share more details about the update, and when you can expect it to arrive, very soon. We’re actively considering a number of additional post-launch improvements on PC that would give players more control over how they can tailor the game’s experience to suit their rig’s performance. “

Considering that the PC players got used to an unlocked framerate or at least 60fps, this is not great news. The reviews about the framerate are already on the game’s Steam page and some record subpolar graphical options and poor performance.

As it seems, for now, the Pc players will not be thrilled with framerates which means that they won’t enjoy the game that much.