2017 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Wagon Only Teased in Paris

image source: motortrend.com

A new model from Jaguar, the 2017 XF Sportbrake Wagon, will be available in the USA showrooms next year, while it has been just recently teased at the Paris Motor Show.

Jaguar surprised the audience at the show by only teasing the car instead of presenting it to the fullest. On one hand, some of the car’s specifications have been revealed, but on the other, not much could be said about the design since the only model presented was – camouflaged. However, Joe Eberhardt, the CEO of Jaguar for the North American region, did confirm that the 2017 Jaguar FX Sportbrake Wagon will be a global launch and that it will come to the USA market as well.

Eberhardt also explained that this is not a lifted wagon or a crossover and that Jaguar prefers to call it a wagon. People responsible for the car’s design have gone lengths in order to ensure that the car is actually a pure wagon built on a solid aluminum base that is powered by an Ingenium engine. According to Eberhardt, it is planned for consumers to choose between a petrol or a diesel variation. While this was confirmed during the expo, we didn’t get exact displacement figures of these. Even without these, we can assume that 2.0-liter petrol and 2.0-liter diesel engines will be used for the XF car.

The number of disappointed people is not small, they expected to see a fully presented car. Now that the car has only been teased, they will have to look at the camouflaged model slightly longer. Jaguar confirmed that the car will be shown at an auto show next year. The official launch is announced for the mid or end of 2017, but Jaguar will reveal it in the first quarter at one of the well-known motor shows for sure.

image source: motortrend.com

As for the Jaguar in the USA, it has always enjoyed great sale results. Actually, at the moment, the Jaguar’s F-Pace SUV is going at a sharp pace. But a new problem arrived. All possible buyers of a Jaguar SUV now have to wait at least three months until new stocks arrive. In order to resolve this situation, Jaguar decided to bring more cars into the US market by simply taking them from some other markets. This is done to satisfy the needs of the consumers in the region. Furthermore, Jaguar will increase the SUV’s production in the months ahead of us.

We all know how the diesel scandal with Volkswagen went, however, both petrol and diesel F-Pace SUV versions are available, and there seem to be no major issues with it. Let’s wait a little bit and check if the 2017 Jaguar XF Sportbrake hits the market well.