Microsoft has launched new data center in France as battle for cloud superiority intensifies

Google, Microsoft and Amazon have been competing fiercely over cloud services and the cloud industry for consumers and for developers and enterprises also. Every day, the companies are continually trying to get one over the other, and Microsoft seems to be the one who has made recent move. Microsoft laid out their plan to lead the race as they have launched a new mission and product that would position them as a cloud provider we trust as consumers.

Microsoft recently announced that they were building their first Azure data center in France, a $3 billion investment which is expected to rise the cloud services in Europe. At the same time, the company has also launched one new publication, named Cloud for Global Good. The publication has about 78 public policy recommendations in about 15 categories such as data protection and accessibility issues.

The Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella was the one to reveal the new expansion to the people present at an event in Dublin, Ireland. During the announcement, he said that Microsoft would now be able to cover more ground than any other cloud provider and also mentioned that the capacity had been doubled from the previous year. Amazon and Microsoft are constantly trying to get ahead of the other, and Microsoft’s move is more of a reply to Amazon’s own building of a data center that they announced last month. Amazon is also building a data center in France.

Speaking at the conference in Dublin, Nadella said that after the completion if the data center in France, Microsoft would be able to cover 30 regions across the globe. There are more regions than any other provider with the company having some more data centers in Europe in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany. The data center in Germany is operated by the Deutsche Telekom on a trustee model on Microsoft’s behalf. Nadella said that the move was made for digital sovereignty and compliance. It also enables them to get a real world understanding of what the customer needs.

Microsoft lost the battle of the mobile operating systems and devices against Apple and Android, therefore it is hoping that the cloud industry will be able to guarantee their future existence. The rise of cloud providing services exponentially rose over the last few years because of the rapid rise in smartphone use and a rise of various other consumer and enterprise services that also took remote storage and a processing approach so that they could deliver the software in a better way.