Google, Microsoft and IBM battle it out in India

Reports have been made confirming that Google is doing better in India compared to any other region where its major competitors like Microsoft and IBM have thrived. India is a large market for Google’s products such as Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google Docs, its cloud platform and G-Suite which was previously known as Google-Apps-For-Work.

As a result of this big market, Google is preparing to fight their competitors in any way possible to a part of the business. Google is making several moves against its competitors even offering to provide free service to their competitors’ customers until the end of their existing contracts. In 2013, Google cut its prices to nearly half confirming that they had an eye on the Indian market and up till now, G-Suite’s top executives have been making visits to India for meetings with India’s potential customers with different reports showing how Google is trying to pull customers towards their products.

The company is also making massive employments in India hiring senior level and mid level executives. This shows that the company is aggressively expanding its base, building a connection with different partners. Being a big competitor of Microsoft and IBM, the company is sparing no expense to ensure that it achieves the best out of the huge market made available by potential Indian corporate customers.

Reports were made stating that Google will be taking an enterprise team and data centres to India too aiming to enable small and medium businesses to have access to online operations with its products. However, this is not enough to lure in the potential market.

This is because the company will require a different DNA to provide efficient service to corporate customers such as customer support meaning that an enterprise team and data centres just won’t cut it. Google’s established competitors like Microsoft are pitching the Corporate DNA to their customers. As a result of this, Microsoft’s Indian Office has made reports of steady growth and attraction to new customers and even customers who use other platforms.

Google is aiming at getting 20 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) online by 2017 despite the fact that it is going to large enterprises. IBM is also making a move on the small and medium enterprises with reports being made confirming that IBM has started building a partner connection.

The competition background is however expected to change as another competitor will join in the field. Apple is investing on iCloud and IBM on Verse which means that the competition will only increase in the coming future. This increase in competition in the region will, however, lead to a massive growth in the area. This game will lead to an increase in the product and service quality provided and can be seen as a huge chance for growth in the region.