2017 Jeep Compass: Reliable Life Companion?


Los Angeles Auto Show in 2016 started off with the debut of the 2017 Jeep Compass (North America version). The crossover looks attractive and dangerous and upgrade-wise it went a long way both inside and underneath.

When we compare the outgoing model with the new Compass, a huge difference can be seen. Changes delivered to the new vehicle include things such as a new suspension system, better off-road ability, prettier styling and much better interior refined with infotainment displays that vary from 4.0-inches to 7.0-inches and 8.4-inches.

All in all, it is an everyday car, very well designed, modern and beautiful. It runs on the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and features clever all-wheel drive system.


The company released a commercial for the 2017 Compass named ‘Recalculating’ and we won’t lie, it really made us feel something. Jeep wanted to tell us that the Compass will be our perfect life guide, no matter what we go through.

The commercial sends out a really powerful message, and we think that it is quite nice if not brilliant. Jeep can only hope that everyone gets it. We’ll be able to see whether the public got it or not after the first quarter of the year by looking at the company’s sale figures. Even though it does not look promising now, we believe that this vehicle will be a hit in every market where it is introduced.

We are well aware that this commercial revolves around a car, but our opinion is that it still stands out from all the others and sends a beautiful message. Whether you like this automaker or not, one thing has to be admitted to these guys, they know what to do marketing-wise. The only thing left to see is how well this car will be sold.