New Unique Ford Bronco Concept

Hi Kang Nam, an Art Center Graduate recently revealed some of his unique automotive designs. Among those was the new Ford Bronco concept specially designed to attract surfers because they were the target audience. We’ll leave a video of the young student talking to our colleagues from Form Trends. He spoke about his plans and ideas.

The Bronco from Nam’s workshops features a sleek, clean, orthogonal grille which looks a bit like Ford’s original off-road vehicle, it also has a pair of circular headlamps that are almost invisible while not turned on. The headlamps are then enclosed by a pair of really thin brackets that resemble (not too much) the ones on the current gen Ford F-150. When it comes to the rear end of the vehicle, it is almost the same style-wise as the front. The thing that differs from the front is a nifty roof panel which tilts up a bit at the back so that the surfers can slide their boards easily right into the cabin.

These concepts maybe won’t appeal to you if you are not a surfer or aren’t interested in surfing, however, there’s a lot to look at if you are a fan of the beautiful, minimalist and clean design. We highly recommend that you check it out.

What do you think about these concepts? Are they innovative? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.