2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2 – News and Updates


The installment of a new 22-click of adjustments Ohlins TTX shock absorber at the back draws the most attention, but new 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2 also sees some minor upgrades.

The ‘back angle’ function is located on your dashboard display and the purpose of it is to show your lean angle in real time. Although this seems like a beneficial upgrade, if you are too concerned about it while you are on the road, it may become a drawback.

Moreover, Kawasaki included a Bosch 6-axis IMU which unites all parts of electronics and adds ABS. A rider doesn’t need to squeeze the clutch in because the motorcycle learned to downshift.


As for the engine, the only thing that is upgraded is exhaust in order to comply with stricter Euro4 regulations. Not so visible novelty is a new larger catalytic convertor. In addition to that, more metals have been added inside to lengthen the lifespan of a bike whereas the silencers have received revamped guts.

Furthermore, new H2 Carbon version will also be on the market, but the edition will be limited to 120 units. It will contain CFRP upper cowl as well as a carbon fiber Akrapovic exhaust. A small plaque will also be attached on the supercharger that has its own reference number.

The price for a standard H2 is £22,000 (€25,030/$28,020) so expect more than that. You can see how the motorcycle looks below: