Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams – Week 5 Picks And Predictions


All of a sudden, this Bills team is on a mini winning streak and are looking like a possible Playoff contender. Just a couple of games ago, after Buffalo lost to the New York Jets, we thought that their season is over. Two huge wins after that and they are more dangerous than ever in Rex Ryan era.

Well, the same can be said for Jeff Fisher‘s Rams. After that loss on Monday Night Football to the Niners in which they failed to score a single point, everybody was ready to call them the worst in the NFL. Three weeks into the future and that is still their only loss on the season.

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Still, neither of these two teams should be considered as true Playoff contenders, and they still have a lot to prove. But they’ll get the chance to do that this Sunday as one of these squads will rise in the rankings.

Bills offense is looking good, McCoy is their biggest weapon, and he got a lot of touches against the Patriots. He should be seeing the same amount this week. Rams’ defense is no joke, and we’ll see if Taylor can beat them.


Keenum has been decent for this Los Angeles squad, but he is not the one who carries this team. It’s their defense that has been great and won some games. They’ll need to do that all season long for them to be successful. Todd Gurley will have a decent game on Sunday, if not great.

But we think Bills are going to win. Tyrod Taylor made some big time plays against New England. He was extending plays, escaping defenders and finding his receivers. Even though Sammy Watkins is out, this man played the best two games of his season with Watkins being limited or out.

McCoy and Taylor will lead this team to victory in Los Angeles. The final score will be 20:13 in favor of the visitors.