2017 Mazda CX-3 Vs 2017 Honda HR-V – Compact Crossover Comparison


This is a duel between two excellent cars produced by two different Japanese companies. In the following article, we will make a comparison between 2017 Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V and you will get to decide which compact crossover suits you the best.

Although the CX-3 may not be a large crossover, it is really fun to drive, considering that handling dynamics on the compact sport Ute are often connected with a compact performance sedan or coupe.
As technology improves year in, year out, it is hard to find a vehicle on the market that is all bad. Companies try to produce cars that will draw customer’s attention and fascinate more buyers.


The 2017 Honda HR-V has not changed much from the last year since the 2016 model was successfully designed. Mazda is indeed comfortable and driving is easy and fun, but Honda beats it with the interior volume and there is less noise in the cabin. However, both cars might consider reducing the cabin noise.


The manufacturer suggested retail price for the front-wheel-drive Mazda Sport is $19,960 whereas the top-shelf Grand Touring with FWD costs $24,990. For example, Safety-Tech bundle option has been reduced by $750, which may not seem much, but it is significant.

Dynamic Blue Mica on Parchment leather CX-3 Grand Touring is the option for you since additional packages are included and you will get various features, excluding power seats. However, that will set you back $28,810. Honda HR-V Navi AWD that is equipped like its Rival is slightly cheaper and the starting price is $27,834.


Driving experience

When it comes to driving, Mazda behaves better on the road. In town, it is easy to maneuver and it resembles Mazda Miata. It is also a bit better on country roads. Although the seats, features, and details in the cabin are above average, the interior cubic volume in the HR-V is beyond comparison. However, the engine in Mazda produces 20% more torque.

These two cars are similar and each has some superb qualities. In your opinion, which one is better?