2018 BMW M2 CS spied testing + video!


As you already know from one of our previous posts, the 2018 BMW M2 is already out, and it has been spotted testing and driving. This time we caught it pushed hard on the famous Nürburgring track. All of the changes made to this vehicle will be introduced as a part of a mid-cycle update for the M2 which just happen to coincide with those meant for the regular 2-Series.

2018 BMW M2 CS Changes


This updated range is set to arrive as the 2018 model year which only means that an official presentation of the vehicle can’t be that far away. That is also backed up by the first batch of images of the M2 we brought to you just lately with almost no camo as well as some of the photos of the updated vehicle that showed up on the BMW website just this month. The biggest change everyone notice is made to the headlights which now sport a sharper look of BMW’s signature “angel eyes” bringing less rounded shape than before. They are now a full LED units that have a lot more pointed brow crease at the top, and on the back, BMW engineers decided that a slight revision to the taillights as well as the rear bumper is needed.


As far as mechanical updates are concerned nobody actually expects a lot to change when the regular M2 is considered. It will still come with a 3.0 L twin-turbocharged inline 6 unit that can deliver 365 horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque (369 lb-ft with overboost). As far as the M2 CS (the one featured here) is considered it will feature a lot more power like the M4 CS unveiled at the recent 2017 Shanghai auto show, and a lot more aggressive aero package combined with heavy weight-saving modifications. Recent rumors suggest that the older N55 engine of the standard M2 might be replaced, for the CS variant, by the B58 modular inline 6 unit found in other BMW models.

The regular BMW M2 is definitely the best car out there in its class, and we presume that the more powerful and potent version of it, like the CS, will be just a cherry on top of this awesome cake. We will, of course, keep updating you as the time passes.

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