Yuri!! On Ice Season 2 Release Date & The Movie


Yuri!!! On Ice, which is, by the opinion of many, one of the greatest anime series of all time, has made some important announcements. Namely, Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2 will come out in October this year. Moreover, according to its producers, this popular show will also have their first film.

Innumerable fans have been eager to hear when Yuri!!! On Ice sequel will be released, especially because the first season ended last year and there hasn’t been any announcement on its second iteration until now. While a great part of them has been quite patient, there are the ones who have become pretty much annoyed.


Yuri!! On Ice Season 2 Release Date

Anyway, essential pieces of information were revealed by the insiders when the Tokyo Festival was finished. According to 247, Yuri!! On Ice Season 2 has been scheduled to be released this October, if everything goes the way they have imagined. Nonetheless, this still hasn’t been confirmed by Mitsuro Kubo, but that doesn’t prevent fans from being excited about the further development of the show.

Season 2 Plot

As far as its plot is concerned, it will still focus on Yuri K, since he wants to prove to everyone, his coach in particular, that he is still the best. Furthermore, the rivalry between Yuri K and Yuri P will increase and be taken to another level. As we know, Yuri P won the gold medal on the Grand Prix, and Yuri K was in the second place. This motivated Yuri K to be better. Yuri P as a rising star will be Yuri K’s greatest rival, as Victor Nikiforov has already stated.

Yuri!! On Ice Movie

Fans were beyond themselves with happiness when they found out that the Yuri!! On Ice Movie will be produced. They are on pins and needles to find out what the film will be about, but there still hasn’t been any official information about it. What we know for sure is that the movie is already being produced and everyone is looking forward to seeing it.