2018 BMW X2 pictures and video


You have recently found out or at least read about, what everybody describes as a very aggressive, plan from BMW which includes rolling out 40 new or updated models across their lineup in the period of next two years. Well, luckily for us one of those models is the 2018 BMW X2 which was just recently caught driving on public roads in its camouflage suit of course.

For those who do not know already, the X2 is a compact SUV with a coupe-like profile, which comes from X1, just as the X4 is derived from the X3 and the X6, the original coupe-like SUV from the X5. The BMW X2 seems to be the only one from this 40-model-plan that is heavily announced and rumored, and the only one that is progressing way ahead of its market launch in 2018. Vehicles that are set to follow it, in the BMW’s high-riding lineup, are the X3 and X5, plus a new X7, but that is a story for another time, let’s focus on the X2 for now.

You probably recall 2016 Paris auto show and the feeling you got when the design of the X2 is considered. Yes, you saw it in its concept form but be aware that this time only a few things got changed when going from concept to production vehicle. That is the case here where you will have aggressive lines of the concept slightly toned down for the production vehicle, but the general shape should remain the same. Even with the toned down lines, the new X2 is much more aggressive than on any of BMW’s existing coupe-like SUVs, with its low roofline and very short windows. If you squint hard enough, you just may catch an outline of the new Range Rover Evoque delivered by Land Rover. The German company also worked hard on the front of the X2 and gave it a very appealing, very low and wide stance.


As far as the engine options are considered, they should be taken from the X1 which means that the US market can look forward to a turbocharged 2.0-liter inEline four fitted as standard which should allow the X2 to sprint from 0-60 MPH in a little over 6 seconds and reach a top speed of 130 MPH. The platform that will aid in this is the same FWD derived UKL structure that underpins the X1 and a couple of other BMWs sold overseas, as well as the latest Minis. This platform is excellent because it is designed to fit transverse-mounted engines and offer a choice between FWD and AWD configurations.

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