2018 Car Models Which You Should (Not) Buy


15Cars Which You Should (Not) Buy


There are hundreds of different models launched in the market each year, and some of them are worth buying, whereas some of them are better to avoid. However, there are some vehicles which are good, but not on the top of the list, so we are going to focus on them. With so many cars released each year, it is hard to make a top 10 list objectively.

The list below includes cars which didn’t make the cut, but, they are still on a high level, and it is up to you whether you want to purchase them or not. However, all of the models below have been put to the test, and we have to mention three which haven’t been tested, but that are certainly worth considering – Ford GT, McLaren 720S, and the Lincoln Navigator. Here are the models which almost made it to the top.