Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Week 17 Predictions

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Week 17 Predictions
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When NFL was creating 2017 season schedule, they probably thought that Week 17, Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles duel would be one of the high stakes games. Well, they were wrong, because this match will look more like a preseason duel despite divisional rivalry.

Dallas Cowboys are opened as 2.5 point favorites thanks to the fact that Eagles have absolutely nothing to play for, and they will rest starters for the postseason. On the other side, we have Cowboys whose pride is at stake after devastating 21-12 loss vs. Seahawks which eliminated them from playoffs. During the last week’s match, America’s Team failed to score a touchdown. Their next opponents weren’t any better against Oakland Raiders, but they snatched a win. With 19-10 win in Week 16, they have clinched a top seed in NFC playoff race.

The over/under border is set at 39.5 points. It is worth noting that Cowboys have gone under seven times in last eight matches.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles
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Dallas Cowboys

Failing to score a TD versus the Seattle Seahawks was the fourth time this season that the Dallas crew didn’t reach the end zone during a match. The Cowboys are currently ranked 14th in total offense and 12th in scoring. In 2016 after 17 weeks they were ranked 5th in both categories.

Unlike Eagles, Dallas won’t rest all of their starters, but some of them won’t hit the field. One of those is Cowboys All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith. He has had injury problems last few weeks, and against Seahawks, he has played only three snaps. Also, it is expected that their backup QB Cooper Rush will have a chance to be at the helm for at least a couple of plays.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Cooper Rush
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Philadelphia Eagles

The Philly Eagles have secured home field advantage through playoffs, but this doesn’t improve their chances of winning the Super Bowl. If not for Carson Wentz injury they would be top favorites together with New England Patriots. But, with Foles at QB, they are not favorites for Lombardi Trophy.

According to their head coach Doug Peterson, against the Cowboys, not even Nick Foles is going to play the entire game.

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Predictions

If this duel had any value for any of the teams, we would put our bet on Eagles. But, with their minds already set on the playoffs, we believe that Cowboys are going to win. The scenario is similar to the last years when Cowboys were the squad that has secured a bye in the playoffs, rested the starters and handed the win to Philly. This year the situation is reversed. Cowboys WIN 27-13.