The Impact of Technology on Human Behavior

The Impact of Technology on Human Behavior 1

Today’s world is heavily reliant on all sorts of technology, from computers and the internet to cell phones and tablets, and even smart home devices – just to name a few. And, while these advancements really are astonishing, especially if you look at how far technology has come, it has also had an effect on human behavior. Many people find themselves acting irrationally and feeling anxious when their internet drops out, or their cell phone dies. Others can’t go for more than a day without using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at three ways technology has influenced human behavior.

Emotional Dependence

Anyone studying for an online behavioral analysis degree is likely aware of the emotional aspects of technology. While platforms like Facebook have enabled us to connect with people we knew years ago, a lot of people are emotionally dependent on the responses they receive through the platform. Those with a large friends list, for example, are not going to receive the positive reinforcement that they may believe they deserve from so many people, and this can lead to depression and feelings of being unwanted. Many people who use social media platforms feel empty and lonely, but they are unable to disconnect.

The Impact of Technology on Human Behavior 3

Physical Dependence

Many people use IoT devices in their homes, and fitness wearables when heading to the gym. However, these gadgets have altered the way that we act physically. While a Fitbit device can instantly let you know how well you are performing in your workouts, many people won’t head to the gym if their device needs charging. This shows that we are building up a physical dependence on technology that is affecting areas of our lives that previously didn’t depend on technology. It’s also worth considering where all the information your device collects goes – the answer is probably not what you want to hear.

The Impact of Technology on Human Behavior 2

Societal Dependence

Finally, there’s societal dependence. Again, platforms like Facebook have made it incredibly easy to organize meetups, events, and other such happenings. However, those who don’t use the social media website can often feel like they are being left out of such things and so many use it in order to fit in with society. The same is true in the build-up to events and other occasions. Anyone who doesn’t conform and use social media is often the last to find out about any planned changes.  Other members of society also deem them ‘weird’ for not using the platforms, and so it’s a lose-lose situation for those who really do want to disconnect.

Technology has changed so quickly over the last 20 years that many of us are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of things today. While it can’t be denied that technology has had many benefits on society, it is also impacting human behavior. If this interests you, completing an online behavioral analysis program will give you deeper insight into the reasons why.