2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Spotted in Colorado


Images that we have here were taken at a parking lot in Rocky Mountains, Colorado and we can see the most awesome high-performance muscle car of all – the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Even though Dodge has kept future customers in anticipation for a long time in the face of the new model arrival, we have managed to spot it.

This should be the car we have waited for so long. A computer installed inside the car and Manufacturer License Plates contribute to the assumption that it is a prototype and don’t be tricked to think otherwise because of the details such as the tuner stickers and the full set of seats. And since a few more FCA prototypes were spotted at that parking lot, we are almost certain that we have seen the new and long-awaited model.


Brett Borgard is the guy that managed to snap these photos of this prototype that we can now enjoy. With the only difference in the distinct bolts on the wider wheel arches, it is quite similar to the model that has appeared recently. Even the roof, hood, and trunk were in matte black like on this prototype.

The Challenger SRT Demon should be 215 lbs or 97.5kg lighter than the Hellcat, according to the official statement by Dodge. The company’s decision to remove the most of the soundproof material from the cabin, the spare tire and the trunk lining are some of the reasons why this model is going to lose 215 lbs, while the steering wheel is going to be manually adjusted and the audio system will only have two speakers.

The SRT Demon will practically be a single seater, considering the removal of the front passenger’s seat and the rear bench, but with an option to put the seats back at least for one person. As a result, the car will “suffer” a total of 113 lbs or 51.2 kg weight loss.

The car will be equipped with standard and bespoke drag radials and will go down in history as such, along with 18×11 alloy wheels. Several driveline updates and a trick launch control system are one of the many new characteristics.


The performance of the model’s supercharged Hemi V8 is something that sprouts a plethora of various assumptions. More realistic ones predict 757 hp, but the numbers larger than 900 could also be heard among the speculators.

The New York Auto Show on April 11 is officially set for the Challenger SRT Demon’s debut, and that is all that we can tell with a certainty.