Forecasts for the Attack on Titan Season 2

Fans of the famous anime Attack on Titan are eagerly anticipating Season 2 which is scheduled to be delivered in just a couple of days. The show is going to air on April 1, which means that the buzz and excitement about AoT Season 2 is constantly high.

Actually, in order to prepare the audience for releasing of the sequel, some Alamo Drafthouse theaters will be showing Guren no Yumiya and Jiyuu no Tsubasa, compilations of the first and second half of AoT Season 1, on March 28 and 29. In addition to this, the U.S. viewers can also watch the following season’s teaser.

Since the anime version of Attack on Titan mostly followed its manga equivalent, it is not hard to guess how Season 2 will develop. The first season left the fans in suspense when the Survey Corps found Titans inside the walls. So the chances are high that the second season will just continue from there.

When the Titans were discovered within the walls, the things take a sharp turn. In the manga version, this discovery led to the Survey Corps leaving the security of the walls once again. Upon hearing that there has been another breaking in Wall Rose, the heroes have to deal with their deepest darkest fears: the Beast Titan.

In the teaser for the second season of AoT, the character of the Beast Titan has been introduced, and it looks magnificent. According to the manga, the heroes don’t have a more dangerous archenemy than the Beast Titan, since this character is highly intelligent and has the ability to communicate and command other Titans. The encounter of the Beast Titan will lead to the series’s most vigorous battle between the Titans up until now, with a face-off between Eren’s Rogue Titan and the Armored Titan.

In the first half of Season 2, we are very likely to see the Clash of the Titans arc, which will introduce the Beast Titan and present Eren’s battle against the Armored Titan. Also, the discovery of the significant “Coordinate” will be featured. The Coordinate is a special power with the potential to change the direction of the war between the humans inside the walls and the Titans.

As for the second half, it is probably going to present the Uprising Arc, which includes the takeover of Wall Sina’s upper class by the Survey Corps. This saga has a very interesting storyline consisting of plotting, political scandals and probably the biggest disclosures until now. Although the Uprising Arc is not as intense as the Clash of the Titans, in the second half of AoT the audience will be acquainted with one of the most gripping characters so far: Kenny Ackerman.

Kenny has become very noteworthy since he is tied with Levi, who is potentially the most favored character in this whole franchise, according to some online fan forums. Since he taught Levi how to fight, Kenny or “The Ripper” is about to fight with the Survey Corps and bring some necessary action in a usually slow pace of the Uprising Arc.

What fans should acknowledge is that the Uprising arc saga will show some of the most upsetting images of the franchise. Brutal ways of torturing will be abundant and are very likely to be presented to the fullest.

The ending of the Uprising Arc could introduce a fulfilling crowning with one of the Survey Corps members taking place in the Royal Palace she deserves. Though still not confirmed, it is reasonable to end Season 2 at the crowning, principally since the next arc of the manga, the Return to Shiganshina saga still runs. Bearing this in mind, the fans could hope for the ending to result with the upper class of Wall Sina being brought down and a fitting and proper heir taking the throne.