2018 Dodge Viper, Would you like to see it?


Dodge Viper is a name that ‘rings a bell’ to each and every car enthusiast out there. From this, you can conclude that the vehicle has been present on the market since the beginning of time. Sorry to disappoint you but this is not the case with this venomous model. Dodge Viper was for the first time presented at the 1989 Detroit Auto Show and has since captured the hearts of many. Loved for his design and performance, this sports car has lived long enough to witness its demise.

2017 Dodge Viper MY was the last one to exit Conner Avenue Assembly plant. If you wish to order one, you still have time because, as we already wrote, high demand for what is thought to be the last generation of Viper, Dodge is going to manufacture more than it was originally planned.

The situation now looks opposite than it was just last year. The car that was a small seller now has high demand. This, of course, has all to do with 2017 MY being labeled as last of its kind. But people in Dodge and its parent company FCA together with Viper lovers now have a little something to think about. Is there a space in the market for new Viper, maybe 2018 Dodge Viper?


Main reasons for discontinuation of Viper were low selling, failing to meet safety regulations and expectations that Vipers 8.4-liter V-10 tuned to deliver 645 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque would fail to meet gas emission standards that are going to be stricter from the beginning of 2018.

From a position where Viper and we stand now, things have changed. Few months have passed, and Viper now has high, not low demand. Safety standards are being followed with every other Dodge and FCA model, so this could be done with Viper too. The only thing left is the question of the powertrain.

The current engine is good but old. Even if weren’t for discontinuation this powertrain would have to be discarded. The reason is simple. All of the FCA models are slowly being transferred to modular Alfa Romeos RWD architecture that debuted with Giulia. This platform would mean that Viper must ditch the V10.

No V10, no problem! Challenger, Barracuda, and Charger are all being treated to Ferrari’s twin-turbo V6 that has over 600hp, at least that is what rumors are implying. Same could be done with Viper.

With the new platform, new engine and recent growth in popularity 2018 Dodge Viper sounds like a real possibility. What do you say, is there room for new Viper.