Jumanji – The Rock Swinging on Wires


Believe it or not, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson considers himself to be pretty fragile and sensitive. Not only he is enormous and muscular, but he is known by a famous nickname – The Rock.

As we have previously written, at the moment the actor is filming the remake of a famous movie from 1995, Jumanji. We have got used to his posting online some pictures from the set and a few days ago he shared a photo joking about the equipment in the film. Namely, he’s hanging from several wires which, as he jokingly wrote under the image, can hold 12 adult buffaloes and 1 adult Rock. He also added that the actual vines in the Hawaiian jungles probably aren’t strong enough to hold his 117 kg. Apart from these wires, he is having a great time trying out a variety of equipment.

Johnson isn’t the only one who gives us hints from the movie. Bobby Cannavale, his 46-year-old co-star, who is rumored to be engaged to his longtime girlfriend Rose Byrne now and then posts some photos from the set. Namely, this time he posted some rather awkward snaps from the set this week. He posted an image of himself wearing a low-cut white singlet. Needless to say, his hairy chest was exposed. He wrote in the caption of the photo he felt quite puzzled by the costume.


When it comes to the release date of this remake of Jumanji, it is set for the end of the next year. Their targeted date is Christmas 2017, and they are working hard to achieve that goal. Having in mind how great the original was, we are hoping for the remake to be nothing less than that and looking forward to it.