2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition will be both mechanically and stylishly upgraded!


According to the title, it seems that the Ford company actually listened to what people crave for. Thanks to the social media feedback Ford has addressed some of the “problems” as well as implemented some upgrades on its Focus RS for 2018 which is a huge deal, both for us and the company.

The new upgrades that the 2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition will receive are enhancements in the mechanical and styling departments, but the bad news is that this limited series will mean that only 1.000 units will be made and sold in the US and another 500 for Canada. If you are from North America, then this is important for you! This will be the last chance to order the current Focus RS in North America. If you are asking why? Well if you do not know by now, there’s a new gen of the Focus which is just around the corner, but its own RS variant will most likely take a few years to come.


Thanks to the new mechanical changes the 2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition will benefit from the addition of a standard Quaife limited-slip differential on the front axle which is supposed to limit the torque delivered to a specific front wheel when slip is detected, and redistributing the extra torque to the wheel with more traction. As as a result, it will improve grip level and stability through corners. It also helps with braking – while braking hard the differential’s torque transfer works in reverse to transfer torque away from the locking wheel. As a result, we have a better deceleration plus it delays the engagement of the ABS.

As far as the styling department is considered you will now have a choice of Race Red or Nitrous Blue exterior colors, with both colors coming with a contrasting gloss black roof and side mirror caps The rear roof spoiler will now also feature a gloss black finish, with blue RS logos on the side wings. Also as standard, you will get the 19-inch forged alloy wheels with blue RS center caps.



Inside, the door handles, handbrake lever and turbo boost gauge surround will now be wrapped in a carbon fiber finish, while the equipment from the RS2 Package will now come as standard. The list of style improvements goes on to a heated steering wheel, heated side mirrors, voice-activated navigation, and leather-lined Recaro seats with suede microfiber inserts, RS logos, plus heating and electronic adjustment.

2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition Release Date and Price

As far as we managed to find out the deliveries of this limited series will start late this year with a price tag reveal closer to the market launch, which is nothing strange. As it goes, we will try to find these details out earlier and inform you as soon as possible! Stay close.