First Ever Women’s Money In The Bank Match Announced


There was a lot of speculation whether or not the WWE is going to pull the trigger on the first ever Money in the Bank Women’s ladder match for the MITB pay per view. Everybody knew that if they were to go on with this idea, they would announce it on this week’s edition of Smackdown Live. That is exactly what happened.

Men’s traditional Money in the Bank match is one of the most interesting battles that WWE produces all year. Women have never got the chance to fight for that briefcase that is going to guarantee a title shot at some point, but they are going to do it this year. It is going to be a five women match in which the participants will be Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Tamina, and Carmela.


Just like men do, the women are going to have a ladder available to them, and their goal is going to be to use it in order to grab the briefcase that is going to be hanging above the ring. Even though it is a bit more dangerous for women to be in this kind of a match, it is going to be fun to see the first ever women’s MITB ladder match.

As far as who is going to win this one, it is still early to tell, but we think that Carmela is a front runner. She just seems like that type of a heel that would hold that briefcase. In fact, she does have Ellsworth that is probably going to be the one to help her win the match and later even carry that briefcase with him. It is indeed early, and our first pick is Carmela.