Most NFL Teams Believe Tony Romo Will Return


Tony Romo has supposedly retired, and he will pursue a different career – a broadcaster. Even though this is the official story, many still believe that he is going to return to the field and continue playing as a quarterback for some team other than the Cowboys (or perhaps even the Cowboys) for a few more years.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman says that most teams in the NFL believe that this is not the end of Tony Romo’s playing career and that he will return, but it is just a matter of time. He reported on Wednesday: “Most teams still believe Romo will be back to play again and it will happen sooner than later.”

This shouldn’t actually surprise anyone because even the Cowboys believe that Romo’s career is not over yet, according to the rumors. The way everything has played out suggests that Romo will return for the final run and his prosperous NFL career will continue.


Let us not forget that the legendary Cowboys quarterback was supposed to be sent either to the Huston Texans or the Denver Broncos when the Pro Bowler lost his spot to the rookie Dak Prescott, who had a fantastic season with Dallas. Freeman also noted that many NFL executives talked with Romo’s agent about the position of a quarterback in case their first option gets injured.

This is all entertaining, and there have been numerous stories about Romo’s future career as an NFL broadcaster and his decision to end his on-field run. In case he returns to the game, he is going to cause different reactions of the people. This is a story we will definitely follow, and we are going to keep an eye on the ongoing offseason and the beginning of the training camps later this summer because a lot of things can happen.

Do you think that Tony Romo is going to return or not?