2018 Ford Mustang Facelift prepared!


Mustang, pretty much the most famous model, ever produced by the Ford company has been spotted prancing around with a hefty amount of camouflage trying to hide its new facelift features. Not going to happen today!

When you take a look at these pictures for the first time, you can see that the Ford has remained true to itself. Mustang is going trough some changes, but the key features of it have remained the same, beefy body, muscular proportions and sportback look that wows us all every time. Ford company has gone trough a lot of effort to hide a few new things on this particular model especially headlights and tail lights together with the front and back bumper. Thanks to all of this we can safely assume that the 2018 Ford Mustang facelift will deliver new front and back light elements. Back bumper now, if you can see, has a new look which gives Ford a lot of liberties regarding the future exhaust design.

When you focus out of these details you can see a lot of camouflage on the car, but to the trained eye that camouflage hides fenders that are still muscular as ever, front grille and hood that are possibly updated and adjusted for the new range of Mustangs. When you look at it (front grill) again you can see that it has slightly grown in size meaning that the Ford has prepared more accented “nose” for it paired with the new set of “eyes” at the front.


What is yet unknown is the interior look of the facelifted Mustang, but what is for sure is that it will receive updated infotainment unit with lot more connectivity and tech options. Furthermore, online sources are saying that the 10-speed automatic gearbox is in preparations for it as well, but only as optional equipment.

We hope, no, we know that this one will be awesome as well, we just have to wait some more time to get a better glimpse of it or even get a chance to sit inside one for the full adrenaline rush! Stay tuned for more news about it!

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