2018 Ford Mustang – News and Updates


2018 Ford Mustang has been spied and we managed to see the next convertible. However, Ford really did their best to camouflage the vehicle and that is why we can tell you very little about the upgraded model. We can only tell that the grille on the current model is a bit higher, comparing to the updated Mustang. Unfortunately, there is no more news about the convertible, but we expect the changes to be minor.

Besides convertible, we have spotted a Mustang with a bit ludicrous lump on the hood. This can indicate the powertrain changes regarding the new model, but we are not that certain. We tried to analyze the bulge and because of its size and position it can be some sort of vent or scoop, but considering that it is closed on all size, it doesn’t make much sense.

Old model, Pontiac GTO had a gauge on the hood, so is it possible that Ford decided to introduce something like this? We will have to wait for more details, but other than the lump there are no significant updates.


Judging by the amount of camouflage, new Mustang will go through some noticeable changes. Panels and rear quarter windows are all masked, so we cannot tell what is underneath the covers. The headlights may be redesigned a bit, but they will remain mostly the same.

Furthermore, there are no performance installments such as sticky tires and spoilers. The car uses Brembo brakes, and emissions testing equipment is attached to the exhaust, implying that engine updates are likely.

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