Sondors EV – First Electric Car by Storm Sondors

Last year, Storm Sondors started a crowd funding campaign via IndieGogo and his electric bike was sold to thousands for $499. You can visit GoSondors website and check the new bike models since he expanded his business. However, he wants to create more than a bike – he wants to produce cars.

The new company in the world of cars is Sondors Electric Car Company is in the process of designing the Model Sondors. This electric vehicle has three wheels and it can carry three passengers. The interesting part is that the car costs only $10,000.

However, this vehicle is still in a very early stage so we know almost nothing about it. We do know that it will offer different battery options and that it will have a range from 50 to 200 miles per charge. Moreover, they will use aluminum for the body. Don’t get too excited, because the prototype will probably come to light in 2018.

The car can be “charged by plugging it into the same outlet you plug a smartphone into every day.” This means that batteries will be small, which further indicates that it won’t take much time to charge. We expect that a 220-volt J1772 option will be available. You will be able to purchase this car online and it will be delivered to your threshold, just like it is the case with his bicycles.

He is familiar with crowd funding, but instead of IndieGogo or Kickstarter he will use a StartEngine campaign for the EV. Individual may invest at least $120 and thus buy $12 common shares to raise initial $1 million in capital which will be used to build the prototype. The money you invest also behaves as a reservation.

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The first model needs to be assembled and a pre-sales program conducted before additional sums of money are invested in the project. Sondors is confident that there will be more than 120,000 initial orders and he states that his plan is foolproof.

We may believe that Sondors is too ambitious if he thinks he can pull this off. However, we must not forget that he manages to run a successful business with his electric bikes. However, it is not the same to assemble an electric bike and an electric vehicle – even with three wheels.

You can watch the video here, in which he presents initial funding campaign features.