2018 Ford Mustang Update: New Details Surface!


Ford introduced the sixth generation Mustang in 2015, and therefore there’s nothing unusual about the company bringing a mid-cycle refresh in 2018. The new facelifted Mustang unveiled in January didn’t answer many questions when it comes to specs, but now, finally, we have some details about the car, and all this came from an official brochure!

The brochure has been revealed thanks to the Ford Motor Company Fleet division. It still does not tell us anything about the upgraded 2.3-liter EcoBoost and 5.0-liter Coyote engines, but we read that there was an increase in legroom by 0.6 inches up front however the legroom at the rear was cut down by 1.6 inches.


When it comes to the interior, the new Mustang will come in various color options. Among some different and innovative we have a Midnight Blue, Showstopper Red and the Tan. Some packages were also modified, however, not much is known about the contents at this moment. One thing that we know is that the 401A Premium now holds the name Premium Plus.

It seems that it is not all neat and dandy and we might see some disappointment, at least it is for us. The entry level Mustang features a 4.2-inch color LCD infotainment system. Come on, even the far from impressive Chevrolet Spark has a 7.0-inch diagonal screen fo the infotainment system. And right when we needed it to be fixed the most, the company introduced a 12-inch digital instrument cluster as an optional extra. Another optional thing that will be available is the new 10-speed SelectShift (10R80) automatic transmission with included paddle shifters.

We’ve seen the recent trend of Ford’s vehicles switching to B&O Play sound systems, but we are happy to inform you that the Mustang will keep the Shaker Pro audio system. We believe that Shaker does the job perfectly fine no matter what music you like to listen to.


2018 Ford Mustang is expected to be available to buy this fall in the U.S. It will be accompanied by the 2018 Shelby GT350. However one thing is for sure, the best and most anticipated reveal is expected for 2019 model year with the powerhouse S550.

The company is still very secretive when it comes to the Shelby GT500 however we’ve found a spy video on YouTube which implies that a supercharged Voodoo engine and an automatic transmission are in store for use when it comes to this vehicle. We’ll leave the link to that video here.