2018 Honda Accord – New generation of Accord


10th generation is what Honda officials have in mind when you ask them about Accord. 2018 Honda Accord has been spied on numerous occasions wearing heavy camouflage. Early tests already started and in a past few months and weeks, we had a chance to see different spy photos of the new vehicle.

When a test mule wears as much of a cover-up as 2018 Honda Accord was seen wearing it is hard to say anything and stay on safe side. Despite this, some of the facts that can be said with at least a dose of certainty is that new model will feature sleeker and sportier look. One of the most notable things is that 10th gen car will follow in the footsteps of its well-accepted sibling, the Civic. In addition to the platform that Accord is going to borrow from Civic, it will also inherit its fastback roof and pointed front end.


Honda Accord Exterior Design

At this moment exterior design can almost be predicted. Same cannot be said for interior and engine options. Only small glimpses of the interior have been caught by spy camera. Not much can be concluded from such unrevealing photos but new infotainment system is 90% on the way, and more space inside should be made available. A platform that we already mentioned is shared with Civic and should bring improvements on 2018 Honda Accords driving dynamics.

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Engine wise it should remain loyal to four-cylinder units. For those who want strength in their Accord more powerful version should come in a shape of turbocharged I4. This means that a lot of car enthusiast that were expecting a V6 power are going to be left disappointed. A hybrid option will be the same as on 2017 version with for-cylinder gasoline engine mated to an electric motor with a total output of 212 hp.


2018 Honda Accord Price

For the end some good news for all of those who want to buy 2018 Honda Accord. The price will most likely remain the same as it was for 2017 MY. This means that the base model will start at $22,325.

2018 Accord Release Date

With warm weather behind us, spy photos of summer Accord testing will come no more. What we expect now is some winter pictures before it’s officially presented somewhere during the next year. There is nothing much to say about the release date but you shouldn’t be expecting it before the summer of 2107.