2018 Honda Civic Type R Is Being Prepared For Launch


It seems like VW Golf GTI, Ford Focus RS and Renault will get a rival with the release of 2018 Honda Civic Type R. This way Japanese car maker wants to reclaim the throne when it comes to front wheel drive hatchbacks.

After the release of all-new Honda Civic family hatchback in September, we saw plans for the launch of hot hatchback version named Civic Type R. If everything goes fine, that will happen towards the end of the next year. Looking at the sale figures, we can notice that sporty version is responsible for about 4% of total Civic sales which is not phenomenal but still it is one very popular model for those enthusiasts that are looking for a hot hatchback.

We were able to see first Honda Civic Type R in 1996 and even after two decades we are getting outrageous bodywork and unique interior accents.

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Although this vehicle has been introduced just like a concept, we are pretty sure that the production version will not differ significantly from what we saw so far. It will bring aggressive bodywork with many aerodynamic accents, front splitter, larger air vents, and two large rear spoilers. Inside, sports seats are must while a race inspired steering wheel and unique gauges on the dashboard will further give it that sporty note.

Similar to what currently offered version offers we are getting 2.0- liter inline-four turbocharged powerplant. Instead, 306 bhp that it pumps out right now, we think that these figures will go higher. Predictions are saying anything from 320 to 350 bhp, and we hope that the former number is what we will get.


Lately, the trend is to bring all-wheel drive to hot hatchbacks since it is hard to make a vehicle with front wheel drive that is capable of successfully cope with anything above 250 hp. This is not what Honda will do as they will stick with front wheel drive setup trying to set a new benchmark for vehicle in this segment again.

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R in market battle will challenge models like Vauxhall Corsa VXR, Renault Clio RS, Renault Megan RS, Ford Focus ST and Ford Fiesta ST. With last one, the struggle will be difficult and interesting, because Ford Fiesta ST is declared for Hatchback of the Year for 2016.

For the first time, new Civic Type R will be exported to North America. It will be built like the regular Honda Civic in Swindon. Regarding the price, it will be a slight increase compared to current Civic Type R, which is spinning around £30,000.

This might be a small seller for Honda, but it is one very popular model that is wanted by many.