Ashton Kutcher provides surprisingly smart view on autonomous cars

No one has been directly searching for autonomous cars wisdom, but we were really surprised by a take that Ashton Kutcher gave on the latest episode of the Recode Decode podcast. This was something that we didn’t expect from a “Dude where is my car” guy, but it seems that these past few months are full of unexpected things happening all around.

What you might not now is that, despite the roles he has played, Ashton is not such a thick headed, clumsy and dumb character. After his acting had made him a celebrity, he set off into the investment waters where he made a couple of admirable moves in the tech department, and he is continuing to do so. As Mr. Kutcher very picturesquely explains he allows himself to be “the dumbest person in the room” when that room is full of smart people, and that is the philosophy that earned him a place as a partner in his own venture capital firm. Furthermore, that is why he is paying this much attention to the all changing landscape that is technology.

He also invests in the car market, and his pride so far are Uber and Tesla (he was recently spotted with his wife in a Model X) and he is claiming he is very fond of autonomous vehicles and the notion of them. The wisdom view that he offered in the Recode Decode episode, hosted by Kara Swisher, happened sometime toward the end of it (discussion starts at 52:27). His argument for self-driving cars says “When one person gets in a car accident and they’re driving, the person that learned the lesson might be dead. When a self-driving car gets into an accident – which will happen – every car gets smarter”.

Surprising right? I mean his statement is by far the best one I heard lately that speaks for autonomous vehicles, and what surprises me the most is that I totally agree with him. The surprising fact isn’t that we discovered that Ashton is smart or what, it is a fact that we can totally relate to his statement. There are definitely a lot of obstacles and problems with autonomous driving, but they are slowly becoming the thing of the past and his statement “every car gets smarter” is down right showing the progress of technology. It is rapidly moving forward, cars, in fact, are “learning” and the accident-free autonomous vehicle is probably just around the corner.

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