2018 Honda Civic Type R Photos Leaked!


Recently we’ve obtained some photos of Honda Civic Type R, and we are more than happy with what we saw. Just before its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, this beauty was spotted in white variation with red and black details. It is rumored that this version is production form model which makes it even more exciting. Let’s look into it a bit closer.

A while ago we saw the Type R prototype, and it looks quite similar to this one we have here. However, there are few minor differences. Taillights seem less polished, and some of the air intakes are blocked off. Honda also removed those costly carbon fiber spoilers and splitters, but the hood air ram is still there. Some may say that these photos aren’t authentic but all of us who followed Honda’s engineering style through previous years are 90% sure that this is the real deal. Besides those two minor modifications, everything else is almost the same.

We gathered this from two leaked photos that were put on ‘Civic X’ forum. These pictures don’t show sides, but they rather confirm that the vehicle will have its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. There are rumors that this car will have a two-clutch gearbox option or a CVT, but our opinion is that it won’t happen. Nevertheless, we’ll soon know full specifications of the vehicle as they are to be revealed during the next week.

When it comes to engine and power, we don’t know much. The company decided to stay silent when it comes to hp of the engine, but even if they opt for a 2.0-liter unit, 310 hp is still a big advancement considering that the vehicle will be faster because it’s wider, lighter and stiffer. Some rumors even suggest that final hp number could be closer to 350 which would make this one real rocket on the road and track.


It is speculated that the 2018 Honda Civic Type R will have three exhaust pipes connected to a ‘bypass’ that will give this car extra-load hooliganism. Other than that we also expect more drive modes. When it comes to suspension, Honda decided to use dual-axis strut designed to reduce torque steer which wasn’t the case with previous models of the sporty hatchback.

This new Type R will be shipped from the UK, to be precise from Swindon as the production facility is located there. The car will be shipped worldwide, which means that it will include Japan and USA. When it comes to price, there are no novelties since they will stay almost the same. The only thing left for us now is to wait for the Geneva Motor Show and see the rest of it. So stay tuned.