Why do successful people wear the same clothes?


Although we live in a society which is absolutely obsessed with fashion, it seems that there are still some people who prefer „capsule wardrobe“, which means that they always wear ten to fifteen basic items of clothes.

The essence of this type of clothing is that it is followed by famous and successful people. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that this global phenomenon has drawn so much attention.

Why is that happening? Some reasons will appear to you as intriguing, while some will seem stupid. But for people who need to make many significant decisions on daily basis, even these meaningless things such as choosing the clothes in the morning, leaves more scope for mental productivity. And this is why successful people do it:

1. Not losing much time

We can’t even imagine to what extent these things take away our time until we take them out of our routine. Preparing for the job becomes faster and more effective.

2. Less stress

If you come to think about how often we torture ourselves with questions such as whether the certain dress is too short or whether you have already worn some outfit the week before, you will understand how stressful this process could be.


3. The sense of community

People do pay attention to what other persons around them wear. And whether we would admit it or not, people don’t like to stand out. “Capsule wardrobe” allows us to merge and blind with the environment.

4. Lesser expanses

Our wardrobes are full of clothes, even with those items which we never wear. And lots of money is spent on clothing in general. Therefore this approach enables us to save money.

5. Being more at peace

If you do not think about whether you are trendy or not, you are not a slave of this society. For that reason, you will focus on things which are more important.