Kevin Owens Talks About Using A Stone Cold Stunner On Steve Austin’s Show

Just a couple of days ago on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall of Famer and the most popular wrestler of all time Steve Austin welcomed the WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. These two guys sat down and talked about the move of his, pulling out a Stone Cold Stunner at the WWE Royal Rumble and really not being a fan of Bill Goldberg when he was growing up.

According to the Universal Champion, he has limited his set of plays to protect his opponents and to have other moves at the ready when he is asked to change up his character.

“When you’re coming up and you’re trying to find who you are, in a way, I realized that some of that stuff doesn’t apply to who I am or who I’m becoming and stuff like that. I wouldn’t say that I’ve cut out any move because I’m trying to protect my body because I don’t remember ever doing a specific move that was really hard on myself or anything like that. There are moves that I cut out because I want to preserve the health of my opponents, sure, there are definitely those.”

Owens did pull out a Stone Cold stunner against Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble, which was Steve Austin’s big move. When he delivered the stunner, you knew that the match is over. Here is what Owens said about that move of his.

“I was trying to win. And where were we? Texas of all places! What better place than that to bust it out? In hopes of beating Reigns, you have to throw everything at him, everything but the kitchen sink. You’ve got to put everything you have in and sometimes even borrow a thing or two from other people.”