Myles Garrett Thinks He Is The Best Player In The NFL Draft

NFL Draft is one of the most important things in a calendar year for every single team in the league. It’s a great way for teams to rebuild and replace the more expensive players with cheaper alternatives. There are a lot of guys that need to be paid on an NFL squad, and it is always good to bring players that have a lower salary, this is the way to go for many teams.

Teams with the worst record of the year get the best picks in the Draft, with a chance to take on that one game-changer to their team and really speed up the rebuilding process. One of the best, or maybe even the best player in this years Draft is Myles Garrett. Well, according to him, he is the best that is going to be available on Draft Day, and he is probably looking to be taken number one overall. That was his goal from day one, and it seems that he is going to achieve it. He for sure believes in himself and thinks that he is going to do great at the combine.

“I feel like I’m the best player in the draft. I feel I’ll prove that today and tomorrow.”

He has been a star since his freshman season for the Aggies when he recorded 11.5 sacks and was already looking like a future NFL star. He has battled some injuries, but there is no doubt that he is going to change the team that he goes to. Cleveland has the number one overall pick, and he could be on his way to Ohio. They for sure need any help that they can get after their 1-win season.