WWE Hall Of Fame 2018: 11 Names Revealed (Spoilers)


In the last few days, we could hear one quite interesting news from Brad Shepard who is a famous blogger that covers wrestling world. First thing this man brought was about the revival of XFL that WWE plans to do. The second news is about five people that are rumored to be introduced into Hall of Fame by the biggest company in the business.

Tweet that has been published did not suggest who the source is, and, to be honest, it did not spread like a wildfire which was the case for the previous one. Because of all this, it needs to be taken with a reserve. On the other hand, looking at his prior record and the names that are mentioned there might be some truth in his claims. What we also need to add is the confirmation, to some extent, that came from Deadspin’s David Bixenspan about the first news. This points out in a direction that maybe he really does have an insider.

Even this might not be true, the names we have on the list are people that are bound to be added to the Hall of Fame in the future. The problem here is the fact that pretty much any wrestler that was in WWE could be a potential candidate, meaning that you can throw a rock and you will probably hit someone that can be on a list like this.

Looking at the list, we can say that at least two, or better say three, of these people, might have a future with the company on TV. That is not all as another name is long overdue and the fifth prospect might be on his way of doing a horrendous concert. All this is under a question mark just like the list we have received.