2018 Honda Fit – Test Drive

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The third-generation Honda Fit was named 2016 Automobile All-Star when it came out in 2016. Even though it was a good vehicle, Honda wanted to redesign it, and the result is a better 2018 model which looks attractive. All trim levels of the new Honda Fit will have changed front fascia which will be dominated by a two-piece lower and chrome upper grille that further contributes to the more athletic appearance.

Honda and the new Fit Sport want to attract the attention of the buyers who have never considered this model and they are doing it the right way with stylish and versatile versions. The Fit Sport is equipped with a front splitter, rear three-stake diffuser colored in orange which is a nice contrast to the black exterior. Also, there are gloss-black 16-inch alloy wheels, integrated fog lamps, chrome exhaust finish and side sills. Moreover, the Japanese carmaker offers two additional colors – Helios Yellow and Orange Fury.

Source: digitaltrends.com

The 2018 Honda Fit Sport

The Honda Fit which was tested around Los Angeles was a Sport model with a six-speed manual transmission. Shifting is smooth and responsive, whereas the vehicle’s 1.5-liter DOHC direct-injected I4 engine delivers 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. Those trims which sport a CVT have two additional horses and one extra lb-ft of torque, which is not a significant and noticeable increase. The fuel efficiency is outstanding as the 2018 Honda Fit with the manual transmission is rated at 31 mpg combined while an automatic EX-L trim reaches 33 mpg.

You can drive this vehicle aggressively, and there is enough power to push the Fit up steep grades without feeling sluggish. However, you would prefer cruising in the Fit than testing its acceleration and top speed every time you hit the road. The curb weight is between 2,522 and 2,648 lbs depending on a model, while the MacPherson strut is located on the front and torsion beam at the rear doing a pretty good job when it comes to handling.

When you are driving around 60 or 70 mph on the highway, you shouldn’t worry about the cabin noise because the engineers used thicker glass and additional insulation under the sheet metal. However, if you put the pedal to the metal, you will hear the engine roaring and insulation material acts as if it doesn’t exist. Inside, you can find cloth seats, while the interior has a premium feel to it in upper trims but do not expect magic in this segment.

Honda Factory Performance (HFP) package is available for all the trims except the base LX. The package lowers the vehicle by 0.4 inches, tightens up the suspension and sharpens the steering by increasing the rigidity of the steering rack bearings of the pinion shaft. It also adds sports pedals, titanium shift knob, floor mats and more aggressive tailgate spoiler.

Source: digitaltrends.com

The 2018 Honda Fit EX-L

The second version that was tested was range-topping 2018 Honda Fit EX-L with the CVT. It is equipped with an HPD, and it is by far superior model with additional power and more driver control. It sits on 185/55 all-season tires which squeal when you attack turns at high speed. The cabin is beautiful with the black-leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter, but some of the plastic elements don’t belong here and make it look cheaper than it is. However, you cannot quite complain since this trim starts at only $17,065.

The 2018 Honda Fit sports an infotainment system with a 7.0-inch touchscreen which is slightly complicated at first, but it gets easier as you explore it. Graphics are clear, and the interface is responsive. Some of the knobs are kept which makes this vehicle look old-school, but they are all accessible, which is important. The Fit is functional with 52.7 cu-ft of cargo space when the seats are lowered, and this amount of room puts it at the top of the class.

Source: digitaltrends.com

Honda installed the second row Magic Seats which are responsible for the extra space inside. There is enough legroom in the back, and you can be very flexible with the seats, which are easy to lower and adjust. The front passenger seat headrest can be removed while you recline the seat flat in so-called refresh mode. This expands the storage space drastically, and you can put skis or surfboard easily. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available from Sport trim all the way up to the EX-L.

The 2018 Honda Fit is a remarkable vehicle, and if you are looking for an affordable car, you must not miss this opportunity. It is hitting the dealerships now!