Dak Prescott Knows Where He Needs To Improve In 2017

Source: usatoday.com

When you think about what you want from your rookie quarterback and how would you like him to play, you just have to look at the example for Dak Prescott in 2016. The decision making and the poise that Dallas’ signal caller has shown in his first season was impressive. At times, he rather looked like an experienced NFL vet that has been doing this job for years on the pro level. That’s really a high praise that any rookie can get.

Having said that, the Dallas Cowboys did put him in a great position to succeed with a great game plan. They ran the ball a lot behind that massive o-line that also did a fine job protecting Prescott, and he didn’t have to take a lot of risks. His plays weren’t “make or break” deals for the Dallas Cowboys. As a result of that, he wasn’t a huge playmaker, but the team didn’t even need him to be one.

In season two, Dak Prescott realizes that he needs to improve his deep ball as he is going to have to be better this year in order for the Cowboys to pursue their Super Bowl dreams. Dez Bryant is hopefully going to be there for a whole season, which makes him a good deep option for Dak. He already started working on it in the camp as he tested his arm strength in a way that he usually doesn’t in a game.

Source: dallascowboys.com

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan has said that Prescott has been impressive in training and has pointed out one back-shoulder pass that he threw to Cole Beasley as the best one that he has ever seen him throw. By the way, Dak was 18 for 18 on that day against the Cowboys defense, which is pretty impressive. When he talked about Prescott’s deep ball, here is what he had to say.

“Just more time working with the guys. He was working with these guys this time last year maybe 10 plays a practice. Now it’s every play. That’s part of it, a lot of one-on-one, a lot of red zone, lot of in-the field competition – that’s how you learn to throw it.”

Linnehan also pointed out that he always had a good arm strength, but that he has improved in that area as well. Overall, the bottom line is that Dak Prescott has had a really good training camp and that he looks more than ready to take that next step in season two.