2018 Jeep Wrangler images leaked


Until recently it was hard to find some information on the next-generation Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, concerning its looks and functionality. Recent images that have appeared on WranglerForums.com enable us to catch the first glimpse of this four-door vehicle (codenamed the JL) that will be the model for 2018, replacing current Jeep Wrangler.

This SUV will actually have a completely removable hard top, much to the delight of Jeep fans. Just like the past versions, the doors will also be fully removable, and as far as the general design is concerned it is rather similar to the current Wrangler, and it doesn’t appear as a novelty.

Spy shots and other leaked photos have shown us that the grille is bent backward and the front quarter panels possess a kind of device or vent, placed just behind the fender to extract heat, and like some other Wrangler models that had an optional Heat Extraction hood, this version also has vents. As for the interior space, it seems that it will offer more with larger glass surfaces giving it taller appearance. The doors have a highly distinctive swage line right beneath the window, probably indicating the border of the half-metal doors.

We are glad to say that Jeep decided not to kill off the folding windshield design, as it seems that there are two hinges. It is one of the most intriguing details so far concerning this model. The roll cage, on the other hand, resembles the one we have on the current Wrangler. It looks like the roll cage is better merged in this model for stronger ROPS.


The tailboard is hinged on the driver side which enables smooth curbside loading, while the spare tire is missing. Our expectations are that once the production starts, this model will carry it in its usual place. The bumpers shaped like the ones on special edition Wranglers (the Rubicon Recon, 75th Anniversary and Rubicon Hard Rock) can only be described as “already seen.”

Jeep fans whose fears of the “stripped-down,” mall-rated Wrangler can now relax, since their doubts are being dismissed with this latest updates for the model, revealing that all the favorite features of the Wrangler are there.

Even though we still have to wait and see what Jeep has in store for us with the 2018 Wrangler, these are great news, and with speculations and anonymous information leaks we have acquired we can assume that the model is going to be top quality. With the fold-down windshield and the removable top, Jeep fans will not be disappointed, with the hope that these items will be improved so as to become easier to fold and to remove compared to the current model. We need to mention that previous version didn’t quite satisfy the customers with its windshield and removable top design.

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