Infiniti QX80 set to appear at 2017 New York Auto Show!


Infiniti is apparently one of those companies that gets a kick out of surprising people all the time. Why am I telling you this? Well, the fact is that this automaker just dropped another concept in our lap. They confirmed that the new Infiniti QX80 Monograph SUV concept will be showcased at this month’s 2017 New York Auto Show. At first most thought that this could be an April’s fool prank, but it seems that Infiniti isn’t joking and that this is all legitimate.

This is happening at the right time because Hong Kong headquarters based giant really needs a new vehicle in for this market. As it appears from the image, this slightly bigger and muscular design language on this QX80 (firstly seen on the QX Sport Inspiration concept 2016 in Beijing) is going, just about, to do it. But as you recall, this isn’t their first concept for this segment. If you remember, back in January this year you could see the QX50 concept shown at Detroit Auto Show, which just goes to show how hard Infiniti is working on their SUV segment “problem.”

2017 Infiniti QX80 – Source:

Apart from the teaser image, that shows this next gen Infiniti QX80, no additional info has been released by the automaker. We tried to do some math, and we think that the next gen may hit the markets in a year or two, mainly because the current version debuted (as the QX56) in 2010 and, as of now, is in dire need of a redesign. We think that the company will stick to the body-on-frame platform which is very closely tied to the Nissan’s Patrol.

We know that this info is very weak, but Infiniti is very elusive when it comes to full disclosure and that is all OK because just in 8 more days, both you and we will be able to see the new QX80 in all its glory at the NY Auto Show. There and then we will have all the info about it, together with more images that complete the story a lot better.