Ranking All NFC West Teams Before 2017 NFL Draft

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This division became one of the best in the whole NFL in the past couple of years. But, all teams competing there had a setback last year. The Cardinals went from being a contender to being just an average crew. Niners and Rams were a joke all year long while Seattle was not quite as good as they were in the past. What is the situation right now?

4) San Francisco 49ers – The biggest problem for this team is the fact that they still don’t have a good NFL starter at the quarterback position. The defense failed them last year while the offense really wasn’t supposed to do much. We don’t think that much will change in the near future.

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3) Los Angeles Rams – In their first year in LA, they didn’t have much success. Case Keenum was horrible, while their rookie quarterback was in just to get a feel for the game. The defense is in place in LA, though. If they can get some good offensive players in the draft, they might make some noise in 2017.

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2) Arizona Cardinals – It really feels that this team has all the talent that it needs. They just had a bad season. It all started in week one as they lost to Patriots who were without Brady and Gronk. They just need to regroup, and they should be contending for the Playoff spot again.

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1) Seattle Seahawks – They are the best team by default. In a disappointing division, they were the best last year. Now, they added Lacy at the running back position and are looking to get back to pounding the football. Their offensive line needs some work and Seattle should use the Draft to fix it. But, even without a great O-line, they are still the best squad in the NFC West.

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