2018 Jeep Wrangler Options List Leaked! Big Change to the 4WD System Incoming!


Once again the JL Wrangler Forums managed to surprise millions of Jeep lovers around the globe with what appears to be a set of screenshots of a Jeep’s dealership’s internal computer system. These reveal a lot of things about the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. We still don’t know whether these are genuine because there is no official word but it sure looks like it. You’ll see a lot of what options, configurations and the new body style the 2018 Jeep Wrangler will feature.

Whenever we stumble upon Jeep Wrangler info and updates we know that we’ve stumbled upon something big because of the cars’ popularity among car lovers. Fiat Chrysler, Jeep’s parent company, claims that Jeep Wrangler is almost everyone’s favorite car. The Wrangler in its current iteration has been around since 2012 and its current body designs go all the way to 2007. And even with numbers like that the company manages to sell 18,000 units per month. That’s how much we love the Wrangler.

The Wrangler is so popular for everyone because it is unique and its unrefined purity creates a special image. And that’s exactly what most cars lack in 2017, a special image about them, something unique…


Die-hard Jeep fans have been talking trash about the incoming JL by saying that the outgoing ‘JK’ platform Wrangler is ‘the last true Jeep’. ‘JL’ platform has been dubbed a hipster bull crap. That is nothing unusual considering how famous the previous Wrangler was but we can’t really say anything definite until we see what’s it all about at the LA Auto Show in November. The company will reveal the upcoming JL platform then.

However, we strongly believe that the JL Jeep will be superior to the JK in almost every aspect. If we were to trust this latest leak one of those aspects includes a better 4WD system. It is called a ‘Selec-Trac Full Time 4WD system’ and it is said to be much better than the one that the previous Wrangler featured.

4WD functionality has always been there with Jeep Wranglers. There were a few limited-run trims with no 4WD but that’s it. That functionality is a trademark of that vehicle, that is one of the main reasons why the original Wrangler sold so good. It was because of its off-road capability. These Wranglers drove in RWD by default and could only be switched into 4WD manually.


If you wanted to switch it to 4WD you’d have to use a big transfer case lever next to the shifter. The aforementioned lever can also put the vehicle into low-ranger for huge torque multiplication and crawling capabilities.

When we talk about Jeep’s Selec-Trac system we are talking about a full-time system that would also run in RWD under regular road conditions however in lieu of having to be manually switched into 4WD the transfer case would distribute power to the wheels with the most traction automatically. You wouldn’t have to move a finger.

This capability would hand down make the JL Wrangler easier to drive in bad weather conditions and on rough terrains. Why? Drivers wouldn’t have to bother themselves because the vehicle took upon its wheel speed sensors and traction control computers the responsibility of distributing power to the wheels.

Oh yeah, and you wouldn’t have to pull a big transfer case lever yourself. That’s another perk, right?

This leak on the JL Wrangler Forums implies that this automatic transfer case will be a luxury option available exclusively on the four-door Sahara variation. That might mean the old-school Rubicon and basic Sports variations will keep the traditional manual gearbox.

Among other details, we found in this leak we also found the new Wrangler’s engine options. The company offers options of an updated 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo and a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 which will come out in late 2019. When it comes to transmissions it appears that a six-speed manual and two eight-speed automatics are also in store for us along with a power soft top and a color named ‘Nacho Clear Coat’.

All in all, we’d like you to take this with a pinch of salt! Even if this really is genuine the company can still make changes before the launch.

However, until then, you can study these screen shots and if you have anything to say about this feel free to comment down below!