Let’s talk about Windows 11!


Millions of us have been using Microsoft Windows operating systems on our PCs for many years now and we are always excited about the upcoming OS. Ever since the company released Windows 10 everyone’s been talking about Windows 11 and what innovative features it may bring. We gathered some of the most believable rumors out there and now we shall take a look.

Windows 11 Concept

Here you can see a concept image of Windows 11. The design is clear cut and elegant, it looks appealing and it’s easy to the eye. The start menu has a simplistic search menu and the start menu button icon has a colored squared Windows logo. On the left, you can see the Files, My PC, People, Internet, Setting etc.



1. Upgraded Cortana
Microsoft’s counterpart to Apple’s Siri, Cortana will be reworked by Microsoft’s developers to make it better and more appealing to a user. It is said that upon saying ‘Hey Cortana’ the start menu will show up and you’ll ask away whatever you want.

2. Redesigned Start Menu
Windows 10 Start Menu was quite easy to use on tablets and other touch screen devices however the PC version was not as user-friendly. This concept shows a clear change of the Start Menu design in Windows 11.

3. Redesigned Task Bar
There has been some talk about the task bar being redesigned and how the most used apps will appear on it so as to make it more user-friendly than it previously was.

4. Windows 11 Release Date
The upcoming Windows is expected to launch in 2019.

News and Facts

There have been rumors claiming that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows Microsoft will ever release but it’s safe to say that it simply won’t be the case. This rumor stems from a quote by Jerry Nixon who is a developer at Microsoft. What he actually wanted to say was that Windows 10 is last in series, not the last one ever. He could have also meant that because it is the last released OS the company will continue working on it for now.

Microsoft also claimed in 2016 how they will be expanding to the field of quantum computing. It is reasonable to think that Microsoft won’t use Windows 10 on Quantum Computers. Instead they will probably make an OS designed specifically for that occasion.

What we think will happen!

Having taken into account all of these things we believe that Microsoft Windows 10 isn’t the last OS coming from Microsoft. It is safe to say that we’ll see new Microsoft operating systems in the future. They might not be named under the Windows series but they might be named somewhere along the lines of ‘Microsoft Quantum’. However, until then stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted should anything else pop under our radar!