2018 Lexus LS 500h is coming to Geneva but in its green form


For those who do not know, the all-new LS debuted last month in Detroit, and now it is ready to put on its fancy green suit and appear in front of the public this month in Geneva as a hybrid version of the full-size sedan. The changes,… well there will not be any because the eco green derivative will look exactly the same as the conventional model. It will have only one detail different, and that is the “Hybrid” badge stuck to the bottom of the rear doors.

In January this year, Lexus released a huge picture gallery where they “accidentally” also released an image that actually showed the interior look of the hybrid version. If you are wondering how do we know that, well if you take a closer look at the picture you can see that in the lower left corner, right below the touchpad, there is a silver magic button that reads “EV mode” clearly uncovering that the pictured vehicle packs an electric motor.

Lexus is still secretive about the powertrain of the new 2018 LS 500h, but the safest bet would be that it will receive the hardware from the LC 500h. If you do not already know, a gorgeous coupe sports a 3.5 L V6 gasoline engine capable of delivering 295 HP (220 kilowatts). That petrol engine is also working together with an electric motor that offers additional 59 HP (44 kW) which in a combined output make a total of 354 HP.


Lexus also works on something they call “Multi Stage Hybrid System” which is well rounded with a lithium-ion battery pack and two types of gearboxes (4 speed automatic and a CVT working together). But if you can do the math you will find out that the additional parts and hardware that are going to the LS 500h will make it a little bit heavier than the regular LS.

With this one Lexus is aiming to go up against Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-in Hybrid and the BMW 740e, but can it actually stack up against them you will have to wait for March 7th and the Geneva Auto Show to find that out. Besides the 2018 Lexus LS 500h, the Japanese company will showcase the 2017-spec RC F GT3 race car that is making its first Euro appearance. There will also be the road-going RC and its hotter RC F sibling, as well as the NX and RX crossovers. Stay tuned for any additional news and info regarding this model.