Cristiano Ronaldo Bought a Gift to his Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on Valentine’s Day

Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to make sure that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez spends the best Valentine’s Day, so he went on a shopping tour around Madrid to buy her a present.

Cristiano Ronaldo visited some high-end shops in Madrid, and he was photographed with bags which probably contained Rodriguez’s Valentine’s gift(s). The best soccer player in the world was dressed in a black roll neck, which he combined with a tan jacket and tight black jeans with a chain on the side of them.

According to the Real Madrid star, these two met at a Dolce and Gabbana event, as Rodriguez has had some professional ties with the Gucci store in Madrid. Georgina Rodriguez has never been afraid to show here affection as she has shared photos of herself at Santiago Bernabeu, supporting the Portuguese star in his matches.

We could also see the attractive couple at FIFA’s “The Best” awards in January, but before that, they were obviously trying to keep their relationship away from the eyes of the public and paparazzi. They have been seen together at Disneyland Paris for the first time, and after that, we could often see the happy couple in public.

When they were spotted in Paris for the first time in November last year, Ronaldo was wearing a shapeless winter coat and had his hood up. He also had a baseball cap on, heavily tinted sunglasses and according to some, he was also wearing a wig which completed his low-key look. But, not just good enough for them to go unnoticed.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez have been on a skiing trip as well, while she also had a chance to visit Ronaldo’s home island of Madeira in January. The 31-year-old missed practice on Tuesday because he was hit in the right leg in Real’s 3-1 victory over Osasuna.