2018 Mazda CX-8 – a new three row SUV for the Japanese market


Crossovers are lately a hit all around the world, but three-row SUVs are something that every family, no matter how big, needs. So far the only option that could satisfy this need was Mazda CX-9, which unfortunately is considered a bit too big in some markets which is why the company decided to introduce a slightly smaller but a lot more dynamic three-row SUV called CX-8.

Just recently Mazda confirmed this new SUV for the Japanese market only because the biggest one they have there currently is the CX-5. To announce the CX-8 the company released just one teaser image of the interior which shows that the CX-8 will have a lot more sloping roof (towards the back of the car) than the CX-9 has. The overall design of the CX-8 might be a lot like the one that the CX-4 sports but in a larger scale of course. The dimensions of this model should be 193 inches long, 72.4 inches wide and 68 inches tall which is basically a 6.9 inches shorter, 4.9 inches narrower and 0.7 inches lower than the CX-9. The one thing that the CX-8 and CX-9 will share is the wheelbase which is at 115 inches.


The engine that will make the CX-8 move like a feather is the 2.2 L turbocharged inline-4 diesel unit that offers 173 HP and a very impressive 310 pound-feet of torque and the best thing about this powerplant is that it has also been confirmed for sale in the US from the second half of 2017. As far as drive distribution is considered the standard option will be the FWD while Mazda will definitely offer buyers an option of AWD. The transmission will be limited to a six-speed automatic. One more option that Mazda might offer is the choice between 6 or 7 seat arrangement. How come? Well in the teaser picture you can see that there is a six seat arrangement where the cup holder in the second row takes the place of the 7th seat.

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All of this seen here looks amazing which is just sad that it will be limited to the Japan market at present, according to Mazda.