2018 Subaru Legacy first look


If you manage to catch it, we definitely recommend the 2017 Chicago Auto Show where you can see the new 2018 Subaru Legacy make an appearance for the general public. Subaru put a lot of effort in small details and changes that are making this vehicle look extraordinary. Some of those changes are new door panel materials, contrast stitching and a freshened up multimedia system which give out more premium look and feel to the higher trim levels of the 2018 model. Do not get us wrong, the ongoing Legacy already has a pretty nice interior, but these small changes and new details are just an added bonus to what was already a satisfying mid-size sedan.

The updated 2018 Subaru Legacy came just in time because redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry is filled with all sorts of premium materials and it will go on sale just after the Legacy. The 2017 Chicago Auto Show had a pleasure of hosting a 3.6R trim level of the refreshed version which offers door panels covered in a soft, stitched material that replaced that cheap perforated design that was on the outgoing car. This material can be found in the front, but at the back as well.

Why did we have to say this? Well, the fact is that the automakers tend to be cheap when it comes to the rear part of the car, but this is not something that can happen to Subaru. They really managed to hit a sweet spot with the interior here, where we now have a very clean but stylish look and feel, like something that you might find at VW and their Passat.

The changes for the cabin extend to the climate controls which has changed from the painted silver to piano black. They are also more cleanly and nicely integrated with a new addition – an 8-inch touchscreen. This 8-inch display is optional, though, and its main volume and tuning controls, unfortunately, remained in a dial form, but the other buttons (like for phone, apps and radio) are capacitive.

That is very unfortunate because some real buttons, like in the 2018 Camry, would be nice to see, at least we know we would (and probably most of you). What is possibly the best news is that the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard on this one, and top trim like this one the 3.6R will be graced with dual USB ports in the rear center console for back seat passengers. Nice going Subaru!