Top 3 Heels On The WWE Main Roster Today

The art of a good heel is pretty hard to master. You need to be cocky, arrogant and believable as a character who can both fight and actually has good reasons for being a bad guy. There aren’t any dominant heels in today’s WWE, but here are the best that the organization has to offer at the moment.

Honorable Mentions: Samoa Joe – he has just debuted on the main roster, so we are not going to talk about him as he has done all of his work in the NXT, Braun Strowman; AJ Styles.

3) Chris Jericho – This man has reinvented himself time and time again. His ability to make something stupid over with the crowd is just unrivaled. His list and all of his catch phrases are more over than the WWE Universal championship right now. His over-the-top persona has been a thing of beauty to watch and Monday Night Raw will miss him after he leaves the company after Wrestlemania.

2) Kevin Owens – His title reign hasn’t been impressive due to WWE’s booking of him, but he is still a great heel. Owens always talks in the ring, always engages with the crown and makes the fight feel more real. His facial expressions and cocky attitude are excellent, and he is for a reason one of the best guys that Monday Night Raw has right now.

1) The Miz – Nobody has made more of the opportunity that was presented with the brand split than The Miz. His work on the mic has been the best of his career, and his character is so cocky, cowardly and delusional at the same time. Some strong promos from The Miz and his runs with the Intercontinental title have been one of the highlights of the Smackdown live brand and the whole WWE programming of 2016. Miz has been and is great for the blue brand.