2018 Wrangler Hood Reached an Owner After a Mix-Up at the Scrapyard


A member of the LKWranglerForums.com called Redrockjk ordered a hood from the scrapyard for his Jeep and he thought it was from the 2014 model. At first, nothing was unusual and the hood seemed perfect for his car, but when he installed it, it was too long.

As we can see in several photos from JLWranglerForums.com the hood is two inches longer it sticks out, covering the grille a bit. The owner of the new hood placed it to the old one, where the difference is clearly visible, which you can also see in the photos.


In addition, a part number or a VIN couldn’t be found anywhere on the hood, whereas the receivers for the exposed latches couldn’t fit the current model. Furthermore, the supplier of the used parts gave Redrockjk a ring to return the hood back.

There is a lot of chance that the hood comes from the pre-production 2018 Jeep Wrangler. However, the company refused to give any comments regarding the hood.

If this is indeed the hood from the 2018 model, the new Jeep will resemble the current Wrangler almost completely. If we disregard the length, other parts fit perfectly and the hood vents look a lot like the ones on the current vehicle. One thing is for sure – the company may be looking for a new scrapyard for their prototype parts.